Add multiple item id in a select type field

Hello everyone, I am new here, I am an ambitious project for a beginner: I’m automating workshop subscriptions for my wife with Tally, Notion and Stripe. I am walking my way through the different tools but I’m blocked when I want to add multiple database items in a field that is a select type. I created a variable with text integrator, something like “id1,id2”, the same way Make displays it when I toggle the “map” button. But it says it is not a valid uuid. Where I am wrong? Thank you.

Hi @Samsam
I’m assuming you are referring to notion’s dropdown field. To work with notion dropdwon, you will need to use JSON module to first create the array of the multi select items from your source.

Then you can map json it to dropdown field on update database action.

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Hi there,
I just came back from holidays and finally had time to test. So a aggregated a JSON about different items I want to attach to a database item, with the result is

but the error message in the next module is

What is the correct format to input? Thank you.