Aggregate 4 random Results of 40

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I’m currently trying to distribute people from a Slack channel into random groups, but can’t find a solution at the moment. The following case:

I am looking at which and how many people are in a channel, let’s say there are 40 people. I want to distribute these people in groups of 4, but in a random composition. My idea would have been to send them on with a random delay and then always aggregate the first 4, but I can’t find a solution. Is it possible to solve it this way or is there another solution?

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Thank you!

Here you go!

(this aggregates to json, you can perform more actions after this instead of aggregating to json)

Bundle Order Position Mod 4,
divides the bundle order position by 4 and returns the remainder.


@Jens Let Me know if you have any more questions.

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To get them in a random order.
one way to do this (probably the easiest) use the array aggregator and iterator + shuffle.


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@JugaadiTech This has really helped me a lot! But I still have a problem and I can not find my mistake, earlier it still worked. I would like that max. 4 persons in a group are, therefore I would divide the total number by 4, but this does not work. Do you have an idea?

Bump my feature request for multiplayer scenario design in the community, and a way to share scenarios without revealing sensitive data :rofl:

my eight users into two groups of 4.
Order of Operations.

Extra Details on Mod:

The multiplication, modulus and division are evaluated first in left-to-right order (i.e., they associate from left to right) because they have higher precedence than addition and subtraction . The addition and subtraction are applied next. These are also applied left to…
2.6 Arithmetic | Introduction to C++ Programming | InformIT

Add Parenthesis and you should be good.

EXTRA: Scenario Optimization Click to view

in this scenario the two jsons are most likely redundant. (unnecessary operation cost) if you are just unpackaging the json right after. (though i dont know what you plan to do next)

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I would like to open chats with the groups afterwards so they can get to know each other better. Then I could also just continue working with the JSON?

If I calculate it this way, then only groups of 2 are created and somehow there are also half numbers?

If you would like, you can export the blueprint and add here.

Please open the json file before you upload here though and remove all personally identifiable information but not things like quotations around it, in the json.
exclude personal
Not specifically these fields, but this is how i would want you to edit the file before passing to me. or replace those with random data of the same type (which would be better anyways)
try and keep any dynamic connections intact
You Can Download the blueprint like this.

Ill take a look for ya.

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Thanks for your help @JugaadiTech !! :slightly_smiling_face:

blueprint.json (12.8 KB)

Definitely will need a community share feature.
Cleaning the jsons on export to remove sensitive data is error prone and time consuming.
Rebuilding these jsons to work in a different organization is very rough.

  1. Auto Purge Sensitive Data.
  2. Remove Fragments that make the json incompatible for import.
  3. Data structure export.

    datastructure name leftover, has to be replaced with a new handcrafted datastructure.
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well i went overkill here to fix your issue. :rofl:
found it immediatly.
need to round it.

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circling back on the other question

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oh yes (am I stupid :sweat_smile:), thank you so much!!!

Thanks for the feedback @JugaadiTech :raised_hands: We’ll totally try to figure out a way of making the community share smoother. Let’s see what we can do here :slightly_smiling_face:

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