Aggregate bundles into a single collection (Streak CRM: list field values)

Hello Makers,

I’m trying to read all fields of a single record using Streak’s “list field values”-record. This outputs each field as a separate bundle:

How may I aggregate all these bundles into a single collection that can be written to a singular Airtable record?

Currently, I’m just creating bundles with a low of empty values…

Thanks for your input!

Hey @Zbulo
First check the Aggregator output, then just map like this as they correspond:

You just have to make sure the information (first name, last name, email…) always comes in same order.

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Thanks! I see how this works for a static order/data set, unfortunately I cannot it to work because the order is occasionally shifting. Does another approach come to your mind?

Would be piece of mind, if simply all fields were provided as data point in the get a record module. It works in reverse for a create a record, hope Make will update it’s integration otherwise. :pray: