Arduino and paypal

hi, i want to use paypal and arduino together so when a payment goes through the arduino will start .
i have no idea how to connect them together need help

There are quite a few ways this could be done.

Would need to know more about both your technical knowledge (code) and your specific use case for the arduino.

my coding knowledge isnt that much i know alittle bit of c and c sharp and starting to learn python about the use case for the arduino its not really a big use lets say after payment went through it opens a door or vending machine starts moving the drink so it drops

The easiest way to do that is still a bit technically involved.

  1. Have the arduino always be on.
  2. install a lightweight API framework such as Fastapi or uvicorns and configure a public URL to call to “perform your action programmed onto the arduino”. e.g. trigger a script. or use arduinos native libraries for Restful APIs
    a. be sure to configure an API token if URL is available on the public internet and not just on your local network.
  3. with make paypal module => to HTTP module referencing your exposed URL endpoint.

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