Attendee registration problem when registering in Google Calendar by referring to Notion

I am a beginner.
I’m managing my work through Notion and I’m trying to expand it to Google Calendar.
However, I continue to run into issues when assigning attendees in Google Calendar using Notion data.

I understand that using iterators and array aggregators to create arrays of data, but it doesn’t actually work the way I want and I keep getting errors.


The information actually received by the Iterator is as follows.

The information that Array Aggregator accepts is as follows.

According to my judgment, it seems to show normal output until the Array aggregator, but it seems that there is a problem when applying it to Google Calendar.

The error message is:

I applied the settings like this:

Please let me know if there are any issues with my settings or if there are any changes I need to make.
thank you Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @s2p,

Everything looks good, what you want to do is in the Gmail Module, Use the Map Option in Attendees and then pass the Array[] over there.

Hello @Runcorn ,
Thanks for your answer.
I did as you suggested, no error message pops up. However, the attendees are not actually added to Google Calendar. When I checked the log, the attendees section was blank. What could be the problem?

Can you share your mapping in Attendees field in Google Calendar?

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sorry. I’m having a hard time understanding your answer.
So I will provide all the information I need to expect.

In Google Calendar, the event was created without attendees.

The current make’s Google Calendar options are listed like this.

The output log provided by make looks like this. Again, there is no attendee section.

I’m a newbie so I’m having a hard time understanding, so I’m afraid my answer may not be accurate. sorry. We will continue to provide you with any information you may need. please help me!

sorry. There was an invalid value in the middle. The formula didn’t work because I changed some values but didn’t change the associated values. It works fine now. thank you! @Runcorn !