Aweber Watch Subscribers Won't Add New Subs on My List After Initial Bulk Add

So I have managed to get the Aweber Watch Subscriber connection to bulk add all subs into a google sheets, but after the initial run it doesn’t add new ones unless I right click, and choose where to start, but even then it seems to be sorting not by the newest additions to the list but some other way which I think is possibly the problem. Google sheets I believe is irrelevent as it’s not passing the data when i manually or schedule run it, without selecting choose where to start. Does anyone have any idea why? Thank you

Hey! Welcome to the Make community!

The “Choose where to start” is mostly used to “reset” the module when you are testing. If you set your scenario to ON with a scheduler, it will only pick new entries.
If your scenario doesn’t pick new entries even if some new are added to Aweber, there is something wrong.

Can you please show how your Watch module is configured?