AWS LightSail Instance, configured With Plesk FTP Timeout

My 2nd question today :rofl:

I just changed my port rules on amazon LightSail, these were working fine before (it was super unsafe with everything exposed)

Is make somehow not using port 21/22 for FTP/SFTP?


Port Rules for reference.
Blurred out ones 100% have nothing to do with this situation.

Am I missing something obvious in the haze of no sleep?

just had 45 scenarios crash out on me :rofl:

Thanks y’all.

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:man_facepalming: welp, I figured it out.

Was Lack of sleep, but i think this info might Help the next person so will share.

In My Specific Case

I am using Plesk on AWS LightSail. and forgot to open up the “passive port range” but this information can apply to other hosting setups.

:information_source: heres the default setup for plesk specifically.

it may often be modified in your case depending on your IT department.

Supporting Documents for anyone who may stumble on it in the future.–How-to-configure-the-passive-ports-range-for-ProFTPd-on-a-Plesk-server-behind-a-firewall


Happy Building Y’all!

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How awesome to see that you figured it all out @JugaadiTech!
Just like always - thanks so much for sharing with the community, you’re an icon :sunglasses:

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Good stuff! Now is it time to get some sleep yet? Sleep :sleeping_bed: :sleeping: