Best practices for rate limiting in Custom apps

Sometimes I’m building apps which have horrible rate limiting settings. To prevent my users from being blocked while building and testing their scenario’s, I want to help a bit on the app side to prevent hitting the rate limit if possible.

I know this is probably not possible, however I’m still curious if others have implemented tricks to lower the requests per second/minute.

Who has some tricks?

P.S. I’m not looking for scenario based solutions such as documented by Make: but for ways in the Custom app code to help in this.

Why not just throw a 429 error so that the user is aware about it, and can perform their own error handling?

In fact, this is recommended in the Custom Apps documentation to forward the error to the user.

If you handle the 429 and retry automatically, then the user is not aware that they are calling the API too quickly.


If the API was not too strict that would be an option. But I have a case where the ratelimit is set to 12 requests per minute and if you hit the limit 3 times within 24hrs, your connection is blocked. That is surely to become a problem when using this with Make especially when new users are testing and trying new scenarios.

I was more looking into forced pausing of calls. That way we can at least create a buffer and prevent half of the issues.

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I got the same issue going on with existing scenarios rather. Would love to say, “after running this, pause for 5 seconds and then continue”