Blueprint provided in MB01 has an error

I’m taking Make Academy and am on MB01 Unit 2. I imported the blueprint code, but the blueprint code has the wrong sheet name and is throwing an error when i try to connect to google sheet. how do i fix this?


the directions indicate what the spreadsheet ID should be. but i can’t overwrite it in the google connector box.

Is that the SpreadSheet ID that you own?

What you need to do is Click on the SpreadSheet ID and Select your spreadsheet from the list. After which the SheetName will be populated based on what you have in your own spreadsheet.

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Hi - thank you for response. This is a task in Make Academy and it directs me to import a blueprint. The blueprint has a spreadsheet name coded into it. So when i try to connect the google sheet, that sheet name autopopulates from the blueprint and there is no drop down to select anything else.
so the json code has to change i think to match the sheet name Make Basics Use Case instead of the long code name that I included from the Json file.

Once the connection to your Gsheet is made, you should be able to change that. If you are still unable to access the Spreadheet Dropdown, Change Choose a Method and then set it again to Select By Path.

Spreadsheet ID in Screenshot can be clicked after which you can select new SpreadSheet.

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if i import the blueprint, which is part of the training, then it overrides the spreadsheet ID and i can not change it. this populates prior to connecting and because the spreadsheet ID is incorrect i get an error and so can’t connect. you can see this in all the screen shots above.
i sent you the jason code to show you that the blueprint code has the spreasheet id coded in it (the 1046XE…).

Hello there @Deb_Friar welcome to the community :wave:

Thank you so much for bringing this issue here! I’ve been told that this has now been fixed and should be working as expected. Thanks again for flagging this, it’s massively helpful :pray: