Braintree request timeout

i am trying to get all new transactions via the braintree module in order to display them cumulatively in a databox dashboard. unfortunately i get a timeout from braintree every time. Even with limit=1

is there a solution here?

Hi @timon,

Can you please share what your module settings look like?


there is not much to see :slight_smile:

I believe you are running that manually right? The way make works(not sure if they still works that way), the Watch new Transactions module can be set in two different way, one is instant trigger and the one you are using is for ACID(i.e polling).

So, The way it is setup is it expects new data whenever the scenario run thus the timeout as there is no data coming during that run, which honestly should return empty results instead of throwing the error(maybe something amiss on error handling from make end), Can you right click the Braintree Watch New Transactions module and then select Choose where to start from and see if you can see the data there,


yeah, that worked. thank you so much!!

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