Bug make name click up

Hello friends, I would like to be able to understand what is happening with this scenario and how I can solve it…

The error that remains is that I cannot pass the data from google sheets to the click up, in the following images there will be a video testing the platform and the error appearing…

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@ONBOSS_DIGITAL You are trying to modify a field (most likely a dropdown field) which requires you to use a UUID or an orderindex instead of text.
ClickUp custom fields something requires this instead of text, so it gives you this error. You can find information about custom field with the module “Get custom fields”

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I resolved a similar case for client, will share you the video solution in DM.

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Thanks for stepping in and offering to help @manish_mandot

I understand that you’re sharing this piece in a DM because it probably contains some sensitive info. Do you think you could post a short summary of the solution here as well, though, so that the rest of the community can also learn from you?

Thanks a lot :pray:

The solution has client scenario and a few data point shown in the video hence I avoid posting it on public domain.

Couldn’t you share a video with just dummy data so everyone in the community can understand how to resolve this error?

Shared with you in DM.

Here is a quick brief.

the issue is that the dropdown field options have two values in ClickUp i.e. Display Value and the Internal Code (Index or UUID) for that item.

In general, when we Map the option value from a previous module, it comes like a display value; however, in mapping, Clickup expect the internal code (Index or UUID). Hence due to this mismatch, it returns error 400 FIELD_011.

You can use the Switch module to convert your display value to Index or UUID and pass it to ClickUp.

Feel Free to reach out if you want to implement this in your scenario and fix it.

I’m running into the same situation. If someone is able to provide the details on how to convert the display value to Index or UUID, that would be fantastic.

You can use the SWITCH module or SWITCH function.

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