API failing 🙄 with 404 but runs in Postman

Hi, I created a simple API test within Postman to test it working. Then I tried setting up a Circle module for “Make an API call” and I’m receiving 404 Not Found errors.

Circle error :point_down:

And here’s the successful Postman response :point_down:

I’m using the simplest API call. There is no body, just a custom Header for the Authorization key. I feel like I’m missing something simple here :roll_eyes:. You can see the Make set up here :point_down:

Anyone have their Circle modules working? Thank you!

Use just,. /v1/me in URL.

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And there it is. The simple answer I was missing! Thank you @Runcorn ! :partying_face:

I made this change in the module and it worked as expected. :pray: