Client Credentials accestype for OAuth2

Hello Community,

I try to use the HTTP module with oauth2 authentication. I want to use grand type Client Credentials but i can only choose ‘Authorization Code’ or ‘Implicit’ for the oauth2 connection. How can i get the other methode into the HTTP.


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Hey @Arjan_Ribberink I don’t think this is currently available in the HTTP module.

You can however create an easy App within Make and develop this grant type flow, then create an easy “Make an API call” module so you can do any type of call you want.

Have you tried the basic authentication http module? It uses client credentials.

It wont work because it’s a kind of aouth en works dirictly with a token you recieve after the first call with the clientid and the secret

But have you tried it first? Some apis still support basic auth even through they specify oauth2 only in the docs.

Just tried it again. No succes

{"name":"UnauthorizedError","message":"Format is Authorization: Bearer [token]"}

Need the oauth2 methode

That’s too bad. Sorry about that.

Thanks for your thought!