Clover - Get List of Customers

Am using the Clover - Get list of Customers function. Has anyone had success in using this? I have correctly added the right Merchant ID as well as a newly created token with all Read permissions turned on. I consistently get a Run Time Error [400] when I run the scenario. It doesn’t like something, but I am at a loss as those are the only two inputs it is requesting. Looking for someone to provide some insight as to what could be wrong.


Are you sure you’ve specified the correct Clover Region field?

Can you provide a screenshot of the Get list of customers module showing the parameters and another screenshot showing the error?

A 400 error isn’t related to authorization (that’s a 401 error). This Clover Blog suggests that a 400 is due either to a badly formed request (check your query parameters) or an internal error.

If your customer list is particularly huge that might cause an internal error, so iterating through sections using filters might be necessary.

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