📚 [Community Handbook p. 3] Starting a Conversation

Hey Makers :wave:

So far, we’ve covered setting up a community profile and looking for info in the community.
In part 3, let’s talk a little bit about starting conversation topics in the Make Community.
Why don’t we dive right in?

:one: Click the ‘Start a New Topic’ Button on the landing page of the community.

:two: A box with an editor pops up. If you’re fairly new to the community, a default panel with some tips will be displayed on the right side of the editor.

It’s a good idea to close this panel because it covers the part of the editing box that previews the formated version of your topic.

:three: Give your topic a clear title so that other Makers can quickly understand what you want to discuss. Also, select the category you want to post in.

There are five categories:

  • Q&A: space for your itching questions
  • Showcase: space where you can show off your work
  • Makerhood: space for off-topic talks
  • Marketplace: space to advertise your paid services / to look for an automation pro
  • Nerd-Zone: space to discuss more complex questions and concepts

:four: Now it’s time to compose your topic. A couple of notes here:

  • you can add files in: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, svg, json, pdf, mp4
  • when adding screenshots to your topics, you can simply copy & paste them into the editor
  • when adding links to topics, they get displayed as oneboxes; the same applies for YouTube/Vimeo videos

editor toolbar zoom-in:

composed topic:

:five: Hit the ‘Create Topic’ button and you’re all set. If you composed a topic but did not publish it, it stays at the bottom of the page as a draft.

Finally, follow these steps when asking a question, and you’ll be more likely to get a helpful answer:

:writing_hand: Give us a detailed explanation of what you’re trying to achieve

:footprints: Tell us about any steps you’ve tried so far

:camera_flash: Include screenshots of:

  • your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
  • module configurations and outputs
  • any error messages you are getting