📚 [Community Handbook p. 8] Notifications

Hey Makers :wave:

In the previous parts, we’ve learned how to:

:person_red_hair: set up a community profile
:mag_right: look up info in the community
:speech_balloon: start a conversation
:arrow_right_hook: reply and react
:white_check_mark: mark solutions
:mailbox_with_mail: send DMs
:triangular_flag_on_post: flag posts

Today, you’ll learn how to receive notifications about activities in specific categories in case you wish to pay extra attention to selected spaces in the community.

:one: Navigate over to Preferences

:two: Click Notifications

Note: In the Notifications tab, you can set up your notification schedule

:three: Navigate to Tracking and choose the categories/tags you want to watch, track, or mute.

Note: Let me rephrase the definitions here a little since they might be a bit confusing.

  • Watch: You’ll get notified of all new topics & replies to the topics from a selected category + a count of new replies will also appear next to the topic.

  • Track: You will automatically track all topics in these categories. A count of new replies will appear next to the topic.

  • Watch First Post: You’ll get notified of all new topics, but not the replies to the topics.

  • Mute: You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear on the categories or latest pages.

:four: Sit back and wait for the notifications to roll in.