๐Ÿ“š[Community Handbook p. 9] Bookmarking

Hey Makers :wave:

Weโ€™ve already covered quite a few topics in the Community Handbook, right? Namely:

:person_red_hair: setting up a community profile
:mag_right: looking up info in the community
:speech_balloon: starting a conversation
:arrow_right_hook: replying and reacting
:white_check_mark: marking as solved
:mailbox_with_mail: sending DMs
:triangular_flag_on_post: flagging posts
:calling: setting notifications

On this lovely day, weโ€™ll learn how to bookmark topics/comments in the community so that you can get back to them later.

:one: Click your profile picture in the top right corner and navigate to the bookmarks tab. This is where all the posts youโ€™ve bookmarked will be stored.

:two: To bookmark a post, click the three dots symbol at the bottom of the post.

:three: A bunch of options rolls out and you click the bookmark icon.

:four: Set up your bookmark by

  • giving it a name/purpose
  • choosing when to be notified about it

Note: if you choose โ€˜None neededโ€™, youโ€™ll save the post without getting reminded about it.

:five: Access the saved posts in your bookmarks tab anytime you need to check them out.

The nice feature I like is setting a โ€œdelete bookmark once I replyโ€. I can think about a response and then bookmark it that way. Then I can respond and the bookmark clears.

This is how I return to posts that I would like to answer and go unanswered for weeks sometimes.

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Thanks for pointing that out, Alex :pray: Super helpful feature, indeed!

Just for the record, you can access it by clicking the cogwheel when setting up your bookmark:

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