Conditional Wait Step

I have used other automation softwares that have a Conditional Wait/Sleep step.

IF Task is added to Clickup
THEN Add Row to Google Sheets
WAIT UNTIL Task Status = Complete
THEN Update row in Google Sheets

If there is not a module for this, how could it be added as a new scenario? How would I refer to the correct row on Google Sheets?

Thanks in advance.

It’s all event driven you could set a click up automation to trigger a web hook when a click up status goes to completed, which will send to make and it could update the google sheet then.


Hi. Once you saved the new task in Google Sheet in the first scenario, you must have a column with the clicUP Task id. For the second scenario (updates once the task is completed) you can do a search in the Google Sheet looking for the task ID you just receive as “completed” and then match it to update with the new status from clickUP.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink: