Connect live support chat tool without delays

I am trying to connect to a customer support live chat tool. Currently I am using Crisp however, I’m open to other tools if they work.

The problem that I’m having is creating an instant trigger from the support chat tool to Going from WhatsApp to has an instant trigger, which is great, so I can receive messages from customers instantly fine.

If I have to use a 15 minute interval timer to send messages from Crisp to customers, then the idea of connecting to live chat isn’t very effective.

I was considering going straight from chat tool to WhatsApp and Telegram however the problem there is that I cannot also send messages to WhatsApp users from other triggers, such as my airtable integration, which is nice to be able to send Alerts an automated messages to users. The only other alternative would be to use to send automated messages using one number on WhatsApp, and then have another number for live chat, which is not ideal and confusing for customers.

Curious how others have solved live chat through