Connecting Caspio and Eventbrite


I am very new to

I amtrying to set up an automation that pushes data from (event booking site) into a CASPIO table: As soon as a new ticket is sold, some data of that order (name, email address, event name etc) are to be added to a table in Caspio.

I managed to set up the connection, however when testing it, I get a runtime error message:

The operation failed with an error. Cannot perform operation because the body parameter is absent or invalid. Origin: Caspio

I can’t find any information on what this error message means and how to resolve it.

Any advice is appreciated. Many thanks, Christian

So I am not specifically familiar with caspio, but have used :make: make for years, and use airtable, nocodb, rowy, many varied strucutred Restful apis+GraphQL, canonic and traditional MySQL. integrated into internal tool business app builders like appsmith and retool.

the first step in troubleshooting this would be to use the search rows module, on the same table you are trying to input to. and see what format it spits the data back out in.

there are instances where the data point might have strict typing.

I found a stack overflow question that somewhat backs my theory.

let me know if this helps, happy to help you troubleshoot further if this didn’t.