Connecting webflow with activecampaign via make

Hello all,

I have a problem and unfortunately I don’t find the proper material on the internet (youtube, make forum). It may be trivial, but reealy I can’t find any suitable teaching material.

I would like to link Webflow with ActiveCampaign with the goal to trigger an Email Welcome Automation.


  1. webflow form submit (without embedding html from activecampaign ) → add the contact to the list of activecampaign → send the optin mail → after confirmation send the welcome mail
  2. user should get a tag (within webflow submit via checkboxes) → add this tag to list

Can someone help me. Much appreciated !
It may be trivial, but I can’t find any suitable teaching material.


Maybe as well to explain the problem

  1. I can add the contact into the list of AC but neither it activates the OPTIN mail nor the welcome mail will be sent out.

  2. the Added contact does not have the correct tags .

one day later and more trials: I can now specify my problems more.

First step: Adding a submit to contact list: CHECK.
Within Make it works.

Second step: Starting automation within ActiveCampaign: FAIL
Reason: I need to add the contact into a specific list, created before within active campaign, to start the automation. This specific list is the way how activecampaigns works
Question: Does anyone know where I could add the submit form to a list within Make? There is no field or something within Make.

3rd step: Once submit is added to the correct list, automation starts : pending due to the second step

General problem:

  1. Still I don’t know where I need to add the tag information
  2. I´ve read in different forums that I need to convert the information from webflow:
    Creator:false, Reader: true into Creator: false → empty , Readier: true → Reader.
    Means back to the original form.

I need to run javascript or something like that: I found the following code:

const data = inputData;
var output = ;

for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(data)) {
if (value == ‘true’)

return {“true values”: output}

How can I use java within Make?

Hi @sebsmm22 ,

How is this going? Do you manage to get a way to pass the Form ID/List to a Contact?


Hi @Runcorn : see my previous mail . I can narrow down my problems :smiley:

So, Based on your descriptions you want to do two things right?

  1. Opt-In List(Not sure if this is doable for contact that has been added through the API, I will explore more on this and see if it can be done)
  2. Add a Tag to Contact, right?
  1. Thanks for investigating. The workaround would be add contact, but in parallel allocate the contact into the Active Campaign List
  2. Yes but here you need to consider that Webflow provides expression (true and false), but activecampaign needs data

In this example
Webflow provides → Data Creator: true
Activecampaign: is receiving true, but it needs Creator.

For the tag one, what you need to do is, after Creating a Contact, you need to add another module Add a Tag to a Contact.

Add a router that will check for each true and false value for those three cases and then add tag in accordance to the filter for eg,

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For the, Opt in one, I am not sure,

From the document of ActiveCampaign,

Unconfirmed contacts will not be sent campaign emails until they have been moved to “Active” either by clicking the confirmation link or being manually added to a list by an admin user. Note that manually adding unconfirmed contacts to lists violates our terms of use and may upset your contacts resulting in spam complaints.

So, Maybe someone else well versed with ActiveCampaign, might help you solve this.

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On the router reply I have two question:

  1. is it as well allowing difference scenario : 2x true and 1false ? And / Or connection ?

  2. does the router make the change from true back to the origin data name: creator, Leser , Talente ?

On the opt in solution
I am using this approach

The problem is here I need to add the contact into specific list. Make does not consider any field.

You need to first add tags in ActiveCampaign, and for each of those routes you will need to select the appropriate tags on the module.

For, For first route, the filter will be if Creator equals to true, second will be if Lesser equals to true and for last if Talente equals to true.

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If this works then what you can do is, After the create a contact module add a new module named, Update Contact’s List Status.

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I will try it tomorrow and let unknow.

Last question:
What is the order?

Webflow - router - active campaign add tag - acitive campaign add contact - acitive campaign add contact to list ?

Can unbestimmte how long does it take to execute ? Is it still very fast ? It seems so big …

Webflow > Add a Contact > Update Contact’s List Status > Router > Add a Tag


Can u estimate how long does it take to execute ? Is it still very fast ? It seems soo big …

Feedback will be given tomorrow. It’s late here :slight_smile:

It won’t take that long, shouldn’t take more than 3-5 seconds.

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HI @Runcorn
first try is in the book. Unfortunately I was failing in the second and / or third step:

Either make is saying that the account exists: see screenshot below


It shows me that contact is not existing although it passed the second step. see screenshot below

HI @Runcorn

any feedback from your side?

Thanks and best regards

@Runcorn Any feedback :D. My solution depends on YOU :smiley:

Sorry for being sustainable :smiley:

Dear community, I am still struggling with this topic.

The major issue I am facing that the automation for updating the list with the tag information is not working.

It seems that I am not choosing the correct and proper contact ID.

My automation process

My issue

For any help regarding the correct contact ID , I would be very thankful.