Connection for "Normal" HTTP Request depending on URL Parameter


can I do the following with Connections?

An app of ours will send a trigger with a parameter to a make-webhook.

If the parameter is PROD, then the URL for the HTTP request (and credentials) should be


If the parameter does not exist or is TEST, the HTTP request must be sent to


How to set variables depending on a parameter

IF ENV = “prod” URL = “87456987.domain.tld” else URL = TE65784356.domain.tld

But I also need to set different access credentials

would Connections be a solution? do tehy work with HTTP Requests?

How would you go about doing this?

Thanks Rob

Hi @ICO,

So you mean you have a scenario with a HTTP app to perform a request. And that the base URL of the connection for that HTTP request depends on a parameter that you receive through your webhook trigger app at the start of your scenario?

Glenn - Callinetic