Converting form input to two characters

Newish to MAKE. Here is my issue…I have a form in ClickUp where people can enter their country:

Despite it saying it needs to be TWO LETTERS, most people tend to type out the entire country name. This form creates an “order” (task) in ClickUp and then MAKE passes the info over to shipstation. The problem I am running into is that shipstation will not accept anything other than two letter codes for countries. This is causing errors in MAKE. I am wondering how to best address this? Spending too much time manually fixing this. Thank you.

Hi @BlackSparrow,

If the country name is valid then you can use Make’s ISO Module.

But, Since the name of the country might not match or might not be good, plus you can have two characters country code, you can use an error handler and use Resume Module to basically,

However, this can be unproductive and will result in an error if the name is not accurate. My best advice will be to use the dropdown field in Clickup for Country Code or if possible limit the user to not enter more that two characters in Country Fields.