I’m trying to get something to run on a certain day of the week.

I have ‘make’ correctly reading the firebase database and reading through a list of documents. In those documents, it has a number that corresponds to a day of the week.

The make scenario runs each night and compares the document, and if the day of the week matches the current day of the week, then it triggers the action. It works if I put in a static variable, e.g. 8 in the database and 8 in the filter criteria, but it doesn’t work when I try and compare the firebase document to formatdate(now;d)

I assume that formatdate(now;d) should return 0,1,2…6? Any reason why a compare to an integer wouldn’t work?

Ok, I self-solved this and thought it might be useful for others. When you set up a filter you can decide how the fields are compared e.g. text, number, boolean etc. Setting it to a number fixed the problem. I hope this is useful for someone else!


Hello @Gary_Luton welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome work figuring this out by yourself! Also, thank you so much for stepping in and sharing the solution with us. The community really appreciates that :pray: