Defining Defaults for Templates

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I am hoping someone here has experience building templates, so that I don’t have to buy a month worth of Team access because the Make documentation is so poor.

What I am trying to discover is that when I turn a scenario into a template, am I able to have certain fields of the modules default to values that I set? Or, is the template just the workflow of the modules.

Exploring the public templates isn’t helping me here, because at least some template modules are behaving differently than one you’d drop on the scenario canvas. That could be because it is what I hope, or an artifact of old templates made in Integromat days that jush had fewer options in the module. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Depending on your userbase templating can have a wide range of actual value unless you’re ready to force everyone to watch and imitate tutorial videos.


Hi @aia ,

You would be able to specify what kind of variables, filters, data etc, should be setup when using the template. This way you can modify the templates requirements on your own:

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Is the ability to share templates, restricted to within the organization on a teams plan.

or can you drop a template link to anyone?

Sharing Templates

Never mind found the answer xD

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Thank you! A paragraph about this with a similar pic should be a part of published docs. It’s hard to imagine otherwise, but without explicit documentation, one has to just guess or wonder.