Detect Changes to Google Sheets when using GlideApp to Update

Hello All!

I’m using a glideapp to update a google sheet. I need to sync changes of the sheet to a mysql database, but the watch extension doesn’t fire when you use an API to make changes.

I can only get the Make watch webhook to work when I edit the sheet directly.

I’ve tried triggers in appscripts, but I can’t get the data to mate up.

Does anyone know an easy workaround? What would you do?

FWIW, I am syncing a google sheet to a mysql database. I would rather query a database when summing, counting, etc rather than using sheets (and json sql), so I want a copy of the data to live in mysql. Glide doesn’t play with mysql, or otherwise I’d be 100% mysql. I’m using retool to summarize data for a dashboard.