Detecting Specific Customer Role Changes in WooCommerce via make

I am currently managing a WooCommerce store with various customer roles (e.g., client, professional, registered, etc.). My specific requirement is to send a message to a customer only when their role changes to a predefined role named “Wholesaler”.

I am uncertain about which event to use for accurately detecting this specific role change.

Previously, I attempted using the WooCommerce module → New Event → Customer Update. However, this approach does not distinctly identify if the update pertains to the customer’s role or to other customer details.

Implementing a filter set to “Wholesaler” is not feasible in my case, as it would trigger messages for any customer data updates, not exclusively for role changes to “Wholesaler”.

Could you please guide me on how to set up a scenario in that would trigger only when a customer’s role changes to “Wholesaler”?

Any suggestions or alternative approaches for this requirement would be greatly appreciated.

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The best approach here would be to at first creating a after the event module to only pass the customer update responses and then after getting the customer information you again setup a filter to only pass the customer with the wholesale role.

or you can use the "Search Customer Module " to search for the specific roles at a specific time interval and then process it.

Let us know if it worked !

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finally I was able to create a webhook in woocommerce that is activated only when the customer role is changed, and that activates in make the scenario correctly only in those cases.

Thank you !


Hi @Enrique1 :wave:

I just want to say it’s great to hear that you managed to create that webhook with the assistance of @Automate_with_Rezwan l :clap:

Thanks a lot for jumping back into the community and updating us about your progress. Much much appreciated :pray:

FYI: I marked your last comment as a solution to keep the community organized and easy to look for answers. :white_check_mark:

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