Discord post forward to Telegram not on demand

I’m trying to get my discord messages forward to telegram. I have both connected. My issue is thought is that I have to click “Run Once” to get my last message forwarded. I have it set to on demand. Which I’m assuming it should forward my messages as I post them on discord? Or am i missing something here? Do I also need to be on Prem to do on demand?

On-Demand doesn’t quite do what you expected. It is mostly for having a scenario “ready” to fire at any time, upon being triggered by an API call to Make’s API. It doesn’t run based on your initiator.

For your case, you’ll want to set it to run on a schedule, which is 15min minimum interval. You’ll get your messages forwarded up to 15min after they’re created on Discord.

Also change your Discord module to the Watch Channel Messages one, it’s more suitable for your use case.

Ah thank you so much Anonymax!