Do I need two "Get Range Values"-nodes to get data from 2 separate cells?

Hi! In order to fetch two separate cells data and put the data in an email I’m using two separate nodes of “Get Range Values”. Is this really necessary?

I mean, “Get Range Values” is supposed to get the value of a range of cells. But the output only shows up as one Bundle and dynamic source which makes it impossible to write out the two separate values in the email. So therefore I use two nodes. Thoughts?


The “Get Range Values” module returns each row as a bundle. If your Range setting is “G2:G3”, here are 2 options:

  1. Change your sheet to have both values in one row, e.g., “G2:H2”.
  2. Use an array aggregator to combine the bundles.

There are other methods. But those are the simplest.

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Thanks a bunch, @JimTheMondayMan ! By using values in one row I managed to separate the data of the different cells.