Docupilot array integrator not saving

Hi everybody, this is my first post on this forum.

We are using using Docupilot with Integromat/Make to generate offers, SO’s, PO’s, invoices and all other kinds of documents with data fed from Airtable.

I’m experiences two issues;

The first one is more annoying than crucial. Every time I open the Docupilot module it doesn’t show me the correct fields and data. First I need to load another random template and then reload the template I wanted to edit in the first place. Annoying, yes, crucial … not really …

The other issue is making the whole setup rather unworkable. I’m using an array integrator to collect multiple product lines for the offer/PO/SO/… The array integrator picks up on the shortcode in the Docupilot template and puts the different lines where I expect them to show up. In Integromat this used to work like a charm.

Since I moved to Make I need to add the array integrator items to the Docupilot module to make it work. But it -somehow- isn’t able to save this. So for every doc I want to generate I need to edit my Make scenario over and over again.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

I could look for a Docupilot alternative but I like that I can make the templates in Word or Excel and that I can output the result as a pdf or excel doc. Is anybody working with a similar workflow but with a Docupilot alternative that is working in the current version of Make?

Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @David_Molenberghs,

I just did a test and it works well for me, using the array aggregator. This is my setup:

Array Aggregator

Docupilot line items mapping

I am not sure exactly what the issue is on your end. I have closed the scenario several times and checked the aggregator mapping and Docupilot module mapping and everything saves correctly.

If you can send some screenshots or a short screencast that would be helpful. I would definitely not look for another tool yet. If it was working for you in Integromat it will work with Make.

Hi Loic,

Thanks for your reply!
I made a screencast showing you what I described

It looks like my setup is identical to yours … and it used to work.
Also this is not the only scenario that has this issue … I have four or five others that are more or less the same … and they have the same issue.


Thanks for the screencast. It is clearly a bug, did you report it? The first issue is very odd. The second one I have seen similar issues with other apps in Make.

My question is: if you setup the scenario and do not reopen the module, does it work as expected?

Hi @David_Molenberghs, just following up on your issue. Make team is aware of it and they are almost done with the fix. I actually just noticed the refresh button, if you use this that should solve your problem (I was able to reproduce your issue and when I refresh after changing the template the problem goes away).


Hi Loic,

I got it working by re-loading the template docs in Docupilot before your last post … and then your fix broke it again :slight_smile: … so I left it for a couple of days to give your team the time to fix it.

I just now re-re-loaded the template docs and checked in Make and all scenarios seems to work … fingers crossed that this solved the issue.

A big thanks to you and your team for the quick reaction and fix!

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