Docuware information into Outlook Calender

HI all,

New to this so any help very much appreciated.

I’m trying to make a calender event into ab OUTLOOK calender from a field called date in docuware.

I have added a search module that pulls back the documnet, ive got a get information and that pulls the information.

My problem is that i dont know how to add the value from the field called date into the start date and end date of the outlook calender module.

Thanks in advance.


HI All,

I’ve managed to use the information in Topic (Set multiple variable) and that has helped me understand the format and way of getting the data. I did a convert to flat list first then added in a get(get(8.flatList; 1); date) which worked like a charm.


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Hello, could you elaborate more on the subject? I want to know if you were able to get the specific date value from the flatlist.