Email verification doesn’t work to “hidden” email addresses?

Hi everyone. I’ve been using Make for an email verification function in my app. My app is built on adalo, and when a user creates an account they are sent a 4 digit verification number to the email address they signed up with. It has worked very well for a long time.

Recently, I decided to use the login with Apple & Google components available on Adalo and this is when the trouble occurred. The apple component offers users the usual “hide my email” option, and when a user selects that, they still receive the usual verification email but it does NOT have the 4 digit number.

Word for word it sends the exact same email text whether their account is hidden or is not, just missing that 4 digits if it is. Why would this be? Has anybody ran into this issue? What can I do in this situation.

Thank you guys for any help you might be able to provide!