Enable to preload data from one module (Trigger) to other module (Actions) in select drop down

I am currently working on my custom app. I have build a scenario, and have added authentication and get companies data from module “GetAccessToken”. Then I want to load these companies as a select down for my action “CreateContact”, so I can select from there. The problem is that I can’t find a way to preload data in select from trigger of a module. please provide a guide on How we can preload data from the response of a trigger into Mappable parameters for action of other modules?

I dont think that that’s possible. To do what you are trying to do, you have to take the result of the trigger (which will be an array of bundles) and then from the contact you want, find out the bundle position. In the action module, place whatever info you want from the trigger, placing the bundle position in between the [ & ] to get the data for that specific bundle.

Hope that helps!


@Todd_Seth You can preload data of a list from another API call by using RPC. Once you open the module with this RPC it will first load the data from this.
Here you can find more: https://docs.integromat.com/apps/app-structure/rpcs

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Hey Bjorn,
I need little more help from you, actually the use case is that I have a trigger module (GetAccessToken), in which I authenticate a connection and get access token from auth API, then get Companies data by using this access_token, this all works fine and I get the companies in bundle collections of array. Next, I have created an action module (CreateContact) in which I want to load these companies get from trigger module.
If I RPCs call to protected API, then I have no access_token in action module, Is there a way to share access_token between modules?