Error 400 - Linking a Google Doc with a Notion Item Error

Hey, I am encountering the same error over and over and I can’t find a solution for it.

My current plan for the workflow is at follow: New Item in Notion Database => Creates Folder in Google Drive => Creates Document in the new Folder in Google Drive => Link that Document with the Item in Notion

All the steps work fine, but on the last step I always get the following error:

The operation failed with an error. [400] body failed validation:[0].id should be a valid uuid, instead `"

When I go on and take that link and try to link the Notion Item with the Google Doc it works just fine tho.

Does anybody have an idea on why this doesn’t work? Thanks in advance

It looks like you are inputting a URL on a Notion relation property. URLs can’t be input in Relation properties, hence why the error message. There are 2 options based on what I see here:

  1. Use a URL property in Notion to store the GDocs URL
  2. Use an additional step before your Notion module. Create a database item in your related database, storing the GDocs URL there. Then, use the {{page id}} from that module to update your PSD relation property