Exporting Woocommerce data to a Google Sheet but it keeps making duplicates

Good day everyone,

I thought this would be a simple one, but i can’t get it to work :frowning:

I’m trying to export data from woocommerce by searching orders with a specific word “Workshops” and then export those to a sheet with specific fields. Now i already solved that some orders had the word “Workshops” in it by making a filter and filter those to another tab.

But now everytime i run, or it runs by it self, he keeps adding data that already excists in the sheet. I tried making a search row > filter and then the sheet but nope still happening

The most unique field would be the data of order, so i tried using that one to check if they are already there.

The flow

Search Rows

The filter (including the products i do not want)

The Sheet

Thanks in advance! Because i hope to solve this with Make!

Are your filters actually working? You are retrieving a collection within an array and using the text operators to check the values. You should be using the array operators for the filters.

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