Extract a paragraph from text parser

Hi there,

Is there a way to always extract the 1st paragraph from a text parser module?

Hey @Felipe1307

This could be possible using regex here is a great post about how to use : How to use Regex in Make?

If there are unique html tags in the original or the line breaks in the output text you could possibly use to separate the first paragraph from the rest of the text.

Use regex101.com to really test it out and learn the basics of regex


Thanks Tim, I think might be the solution. I am trying to come up with something,but finding regex slightly difficult.

Thanks anyway!

I have managed to do it with regex. But I just can’t get to use them. I have tried converting them into array but it didn’t work.


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if you need the first paragraph looks like you just need to filter based on bundle 3.
but if you really do need these as an array you could use the array aggregator which will spit out an array based on a key. in your case this would most likely be: ‘$1’

Regex is tricky and takes quite a bit of learning and trial/error.