Facebook Watch Limit

Hi everyone. I’m super new with Make. Started playing around just yesterday.

Used one of the templates to explore & quite happy with this workflow:

Facebook → Telegram Post → Telegram Image
Facebook → Google Sheets

I came to find out about Telegram’s limit of 20 post per minute, so I had made the Facebook Watch module only pull 10 items to cover for Telegram Bot limits (max 10 post & 10 images).

Google Sheets module is fine. No issues so far.

What I’m wondering now is there a limit for using Facebook Watch? Will I hit an error if I set the scenario to run every 1 minute, or is there an advisable interval when it comes to Facebook?



Hi @khalilnooh

the rate limits are set by the service/API you are using, in this case Facebook.
The limits are described here: Rate Limits - Graph API - Documentation - Facebook for Developers

If you hit the limit, you can use the error handling routes to fix it. Or just lower the frequency of you scenario runs.


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