Filtering based on 2 CSV

Hello everyone,

I am building a scenario which aim to do this:

  • Trigger: webhook in a glide app (I pass through 2 csv, one with all the user’s email of the app, and the second with email to add)
  • Add a row in my user glide table if the added user doesn’t already exist.

My scenario looks like this:

But I can’t find a way at the end to filters in order to only add email from the second csv, that doesn’t exist in the first one.

Thanks for the help!

I think you can try to iterate the items and then filter the matching ones


Thanks for your help, I put a filters and now it works, thanks a lot!

After that, I want to join a string (composed of emails separated by comma, send through the trigger webhook) and values from an array (emails, the ones that passed through the filters).

I need this final list of email to edit data in a glide DB.

Here is the scenario and data from my last aggregator:

This would be very helpfull, thanks in advance!

Hi @Kalu,

What you can do is,

  1. Either use the Join function with the Map function in the array aggregator

join(map(Aggregrator Array; Column 1);,)

  1. Or, Use Text Aggregator instead of Array Aggregator and join the email by comma

I’ll try that, thanks for your help!

I’ll keep you informed :wink:

I added a set variable after the aggregator (couldn’t find how to add the join function in the aggretor) but it only gets my commas:

Something like this,

Screenshot from 2023-06-20 16-57-30

Column 1, needs to be typed, you can hover over the Array Aggregator result, on Column 1 and it should display a raw value, which I believe is Column 1.

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It works !!

In order to add mails (sting, separated by comma) to it, the best it so add it to this variable afterward or can find a way to directly join them all the this variable?

Thanks a lot, impressive!

You can directly do that where you want to use the output, for eg, if it is a GSheet Module , you can add it on the desired column.

If aggregator is not doing other thing beside gathering the Email, then maybe you can use the Text Aggregrator instead.


Everything works, thanks a lot for you help!

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