From a G sheet to another - with a filter

I have a scenario sending data into a google sheet I need to add a module to send them to a second sheet, in case they match certain conditions in the first sheet (they are not repeated, specifically)
Can I do this? Anyone else has done something similar before?

Hello there @Giacomo_Bonamico welcome to the community :wave:

Sure thing! Let me demonstrate a sample situation.

Let’s say that I have a sheet with a list of all candidates.

I only want to filter out those who scored higher than 5 and send them to another sheet in order to reach out to them / plan activities for them / start an onboarding process for them - you name it.

:one: I’ll start by using the Watch New Rows Google Sheet module and I’ll

  • create a connection between my GS and Make accounts
  • select the sheet I want to watch for new rows
  • set up the maximum of results I want to be processed during one run

:two: I’ll then add the Add a Row module and I’ll

  • add my connection (we know this part)
  • select the sheet I want to send data to (we also know this part)
  • map the fields from Sheet 1 that I want to send to this Sheet

Now, anything that appears in Sheet 1 will also get sent to Sheet 2.

:three: In order to set up a condition, you need to click the wrench symbol on the dotted line between the modules.


The filter I set up will only let Sheet 1 candidates who scored 5 or higher to Sheet 2.

:warning: Since I am working with numbers, I am using a numeric operator. There are a whole bunch of them you can choose from based on what data type you’re working with.

:four: You can test your scenario by sending in some sample data and clicking ‘Run once’.

We see that the scenario ran successfully.

And that only those candidates who scored 5+ got carried into the sheet.

:five: Once you see that all’s working the way you want it to work, save the scenario and click the watch symbol to schedule it to run in an interval of your choice.

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