Get a Contact (legacy) for active campaign dont exist anymore, what workarounds do I have for getting tags

Hey there,

I used “Get a Contact (legacy)” under the active campaign module and this helped me get different tags under each contact which I use for filters and stuff, recently I noticed that it doesn’t exist anymore, what can I do to get tags from Active Campaign.

I just saw a API legacy module option but don’t know how that works, could anyone walk me through it so I could get tags. (the input data is email)

Have you installed the active campaign api in postman ? Is there a call that gets tags? Let’s start there.

Hey, I am not sure how this works. I haven’t done anything on the postman. How do I legacy search contacts on Active Campaign using this?

See if activecampaign api has a public api for postman so you can test the api to see if returns tags. You can check the public api network that postman provides.