Get content from 3rd to last <p> from RSS field

I’m working with a poorly formatted RSS feed. The event date/time is ALWAYS the 3rd to last <p>, but sometimes the Summary field has anywhere from 4 to infinite (in theory) <p> tags.

What is the most efficient method to get the date/time – in a Make readable date/time format? (Example would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:)

RSS Field -

This is what I have tried -

Here’s what I am getting when I split using each:

Splitting at </p> seems to be the closest to completing successfully. Looks as if at in the middle of the date/time may need to be stripped, as well.

Resolved with a slight change -

{{parseDate(get(reverse(split(18.summary; "</p>")); 3); "<p>dddd, MMMM D at h:mm A")}}