Google form module does not transcribe all the data for me

Hello, I come to you following a problem encountered on my screenplay.

Let me explain :

I have a new employee fill out a googleform to collect their data and then generate a google doc automatically filling out an employment contract. And also create a file of the employee’s name where we will find on a google doc the various information he filled in the form.

However, at the end of the form, we ask employees to attach a photo of various documents.

And in my scenario, on the googledoc module where I fill in the doc with the information from the forms, I can’t access all the URLs of the documents that the employees have attached. I put pictures for you.

4 documents :

And here only 2…

Can you solve my problem ?

Thx you

Dear, can you tell me where you are facing your issue in Make?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


@Jeremy1 Use the Google Drive module if you want to access them

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Hi @Jeremy

Please run the trigger module when all the files are updated. Once done, you will be able to see the variables for mapping.

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Hello @Jeremy1

I was having this same issue and came across the answer after poking around enough.

In the Google Forms, Watch Responses Node, select “Show advanced settings” at the bottom.

From there, look for “Row With Headers”

Here is where you can modify the range of columns that Google Forms will display when mapping variables to Google Sheets.

For your specific case, I see that you have two additional Questions after the variable marked (Z). In Row With Headers, change the value to “A1:AB1” (After the Z column in Excel is AA, then AB…etc.). This will allow you to map those two additional questions. If any more questions are added to your form simply change “AB1” to whatever column designation the questions go out to in the Excel Sheet that is generated from the Google Form.

Hope all this made sense and good luck!