Google Sheets - Watch Rows, Triggering SMS Via RingCentral


I’m trying to set up a scenario → (Google Sheets - Watch rows) whenever a new row in google sheet is added, a SMS message will be sent via RingCentral. However, it will only work when I click “Run Once”. Then is sends the SMS messages in the rows I’ve added. What am I doing wrong?

Video of Scenario

@Jcosta The “Watch Rows” runs every X amount of time when you enable the scenario, and will only act on new rows.
Make sure you setup the cron correctly and wait till it runs.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. I went back to my schedule settings and changed it from “on demand” to “At regular intervals” for 1 minute. It still does not do it after a minute. I have to click the “Run once” button to make it work.

Hey @Jcosta you might want to checkout my newest Medium post about a way to achieve this in real time - Sending a Webhook for New or Updated Rows in Google Sheets | by Eyal Gershon | Jan, 2023 | Medium
Essentially you can replace this first module with a webhook and get the data in real time.
To fire this for each new row you will need to use this script and not the one in the post, all the rest is the same - eyal_scripts/gsheets-newrow.js at master · eyalway2cu/eyal_scripts · GitHub

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