Google verification for Gmail API OAuth client

We are integrating the Gmail API with Integromat and, in order to avoid re-authorizing Integromat’s access every 7 days, we need to submit for Google verification.

Now the problem is that the Google verification wants to verify the ownership of each domain. I’m afraid this includes the domain (since is the authorized domain). Am I correct with that assumption? If yes then that’s a problem since we don’t own the domain and we therefore cannot verify domain ownership. Is there a contingency plan for this?

Besides, Google wants a YouTube video showcasing how the permission is being used, which is quite a silly requirement since our Integromat account is only used by us (obviously).

I wonder whether Make/Integromat has some official recommendation/help for this? I couldn’t find any so far. That would be great.

Note that we are not using Google Workspaces so we can’t use Google’s internal use option.