Help needed for building scenarios and templates

Hi there, if someone can possibly offer their services, I would like to use for setting up some scenarios and templates. The systems I would like to integrate are:

  • MS Teams
  • Notion
  • HubSpot
  • Bamboo HR
  • Google forms
  • Google sheets

There would be a variety of combinations. If you or anyone you can be of assistance would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hello @JD and a belayed welcome to the community :wave:

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Hey @JD,

Welcome on make community! I am a freelancer on low code services. I could work on your project and complete your integration for your applications. After completing the project I will give you a full descriptive documentation about the settings so you will be able to do any improvement by your self while I will support you on any trouble you may have with no extra cost.

Please feel free to schedule a call using this link to discuss deeper your project requests.

For any kind of question please feel free to text me back!

Your sincerely,
Dimitris Goudis

If you’re looking to integrate MS Teams, Notion, HubSpot, Bamboo HR, Google Forms, and Google Sheets, Integromat can certainly help you set up scenarios and templates to automate workflows between these applications.

Here’s an example workflow that incorporates these apps:

MS Teams Notification on New Form Submission:
Notion Update on New HubSpot Contact:
When a new contact is added in HubSpot.
When a new employee is added in Bamboo HR.
Google Forms Response to HubSpot Lead:
Google Sheets Data Sync with Notion or HubSpot:
When there are updates or changes in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

And Full workflow example

Starting: Set up a trigger in Integromat to start the workflow when a new response is submitted in Google Forms.
Ac1: Retrieve the form response details and store them in Google Sheets using the “Create a Spreadsheet Row” module.
Ac2: Based on the form response, perform an action in HubSpot such as creating or updating a contact using the “Create a Contact” or “Update a Contact” module.
Ac3: Use the “Create a Page” module in Notion to create a new page containing the form response details. You can customize the page structure and content based on your requirements.
Act4: Fetch relevant employee data from Bamboo HR using the “Search for Employees” module. This can be used to gather additional information or trigger specific actions.
Ac5: Send a notification to a specified MS Teams channel using the “Send a Message” module. You can include important details from the form response, HubSpot contact, or Bamboo HR data in the notification.

If you need assistance in setting up these scenarios or templates.
Best Regards
Make Experts