Help Ticketing - appending a "reply" e-mail so it links with existing e-mail thread

Hey there. In standard Help Ticketing systems - when an e-mail comes in (to a certain address) I can pick up on it and parse it into Google Sheets just dandy.

So in my app (AppSheet leveraging Google Sheets) I can then assign some extra values and also using a Bot in AppSheet send an e-mail back to the sender “thanks for your inquiry” (you know we get these all the time!).

If the customer REPLIES to the automated e-mail how can I match the incoming mail to the original e-mail already in Google Sheets?

Meaning the subject line may contain (example) “Thanks for your inquiry - Ticket ID 1234” etc.

Perhaps I can search the subject line of the subsequent incoming e-mail and try to match it in Google Sheets (although I don’t quite know how to manage that just yet!).

The idea is that any replies to a Ticket are “threaded” into the Ticket record…

Gosh I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for reading though!


Contains will do the search trick for you initially.

You’d need to have a list of all ticketID’s and use contain to determine the subject line has or not a ticket ID.

If it contains, you just assign it to that ticked ID and move on.