Homekit accessories logdata

Can anyone teach me how to create the scenario to add the HomeKit accessories data into the google sheet?

Currently I try to use the Webhooks service on the HomeKit app but I didnt know how to write the URL with JSON body

Hi I already do the followed the step based on this link https://www.make.com/en/help/tools/webhooks. My webhooks able to execute but failed to append the data to Google Sheet. Han anyone know whether had any problem on the URL that I entered?

Hi @Alferd ,

Yes, with the help of webhook you can receive data from any app. This data that is received which is a parsed JSON response, can be mapped to the Google Sheet.

As you mentioned, you’d like to append the response. In that case, you should first search the existing row and then use the Update a Row module to update the column of that particular row with the required data.