How can i pass data from a collection to rows in excel?

Hello, I’m back in the forum being new, I have a specific need:

I need the data to be stored from a collection in a different excel table each time the search is done, so I am using a DocuWAre task to generate indexfields

and I need for example collection 1 to reach column 1 of excel. 2 to column 2 and so on, any ideas for this?

Now regarding excel I don’t know if there is the possibility of creating an excel with a template.

For the template portion of your question:

You should be able to do this, using the “make api call” module in the excel integration
using this

To store in a different tab or file per row based on the data

Make sure to toggle map on the tab and “file/sheet” fields.

As for iterating each set of data through columns instead of rows.

it should be relatively similar to what is done for google sheets

(tried to find the link on make but it went to a 404)

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