How can I reference a scenario from another scenario?

We are using Make to publish web content in Webflow from Airtable. If I’m finding myself duplicating logic in multiple scenarios, I would like to not have to maintain separate versions. An example might be a flow to publish a specific item from a webhook, and another scheduled that watches for updates and publishes them.

How can I centralize some of my logic?

The answer seems to me to trigger a webhook from the scheduled scenario, but I thought there must be a cleaner way. Has anyone faced that issue and found an effective solution?

That’s the best way for now.


I set up a scenario like this, and I found that there is a huge performance hit. That makes sense as a webhook is going to take much longer to run than for Make to just process the data. In the end, I decided that duplicated logic is probably worth it.

Even with parallel webhook processing? I wonder what it means when you say “huge performance hit”? When does it matter that it slows down a bit to call a webhook, I wonder?

I was running the scenario from a button pushed in Airtable, and then waiting for the webhook response to the button to display to the user. When I was calling a webhook from within the scenario, it took long enough that it looked like it had frozen. Changing back to processing the data inside the original scenario fixed that.

Ah yes if you have a Ui element that could be a problem.