How do I display results gathered using formaloo and an API Query?

Hi everybody,

I have zero programming knowledge so I’m really loving the empowerment that gives me in automating processes in my business and I’m learning fast.

We are a small MSP and I want to try and automate Broadband Connection orders.
I have created a form in formaloo and this sends the requestor’s postcode to my connectivity provider’s API and I get back a list of available products and estimated speeds etc.
I can create an email and send them the results, but Ideally I’d like to send the submitter to a webpage after completing the form, that would display these results in a nice table.
The problem is that I have no idea how to go from collecting the API query results, and getting them on to a web page that I can redirect the user to once the formaloo is submitted and the results returned.

Any guidance would be very gratefully received.

Hello @Scott_Magee, although what you want is achievable, I don’t think you can do it solely with Integromat/Make. To display the data on a page, you need to send that information to a page that processes it for rendering. I don’t know much about Formaloo, but I believe it can redirect after the form is filled and send it with a variable that identifies the data.

Something like this:

I’ve done that many times, but as I mentioned, it requires some development work that you won’t achieve with Make alone.


Make can already return HTML content with Webhooks - all you need to do is create a second scenario with a Custom Webhook, and that webhook URL is embedded into the email, with the results of the “connectivity provider’s API” included in the query string of the URL so that when the user clicks on that link, the scenario can load the “connectivity results” data from that URL and return a HTML page with a table.

I’m not sure if you can dynamically change the redirect URL of the form, but if you can just set the same custom webhook URL with query strings as that.